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Aircooled / Watercooled Gensets - 40 KVA - 125 KVA

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40-125 KVA

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Technical Features :
 Kirloskar 40-125 kVA Generator is equipped with 4 cylinders and 97 × 128 (Bore × Stroke) mm. The genset gives you an unmatched performance with its powerful engine. It boasts a high speed of around 1500 rpm. The genset is having microprocessor based control panel which has been designed with in-built AMF facility with a wider graphical LCD screen. Kirloskar 40-125 kVA Generator boasts of an advanced liquid cooling system with dry air filter. It is also armed with 9 Liters bare radiator coolant capacity and 50 Liters fuel tank.
Applicability :
The efficient performance and low noise level of this Kirloskar 40-125 kVA Generator makes it an ideal buy for Schools, Offices, Restaurants and homes. 
Other Features:
The canopy of the Kirloskar 40-125 kVAGenerator has UV protected polyurethane powder coating for higher durability. It also comes with two point lifting provision for ease of handling and safety.
Prime and Stand‐by rating important
Engine capacity Best point
1) Prime and Stand‐by rating important :

  • Prime rated Gensets also permit 10% temporary overloading.
  • Prime power is designed for unlimited hours.
  • Users need to carefully select the Genset rating to meet their requirement.
2) Engine capacity Best point:
  • Most important part of engine is engine capacity
  • Best and high engine capacity is respond quickly & positively to sudden load additions.
Monitoring Features:
  • Phase Voltages & Currents, Frequency, Reverse power, Genset kVA , KW, KVAr , KWH, Power Factor, Canopy Temperature.
  • Lube oil Pressure, Engine Temperature RPM, Run Hours, No. of starts, Fuel Level, Auto / Manual Stop, AMF feature.
  • Battery charge condition.
  • Mod bus communication, Remote Monitoring.
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